There is no doubt that adding music to any video is a transformative experience for the viewer. Music has the ability to enhance the emotional feeling the video is trying to express. When it comes to GoPro videos specifically, they are filmed from a unique viewpoint.

Choosing the right music that is just as unique and high-quality isn’t easy. Especially since not everyone knows if it is even possible to add music to GoPro videos or how to do it. So, let’s take a deep dive into music and GoPro as a collaboration.

Can You Add Music to GoPro Videos?

You can absolutely add music to any of your GoPro videos. It can be done in a few simple steps by using an approved video editor that supports GoPro. In many of these video editing programs, there will be an option to upload the videos and then add your music right over it.

Where to Find Music for GoPro Videos

While you can add music to the video, finding the right music does take some special consideration. There are many options to look at when considering where to pull music from. Let’s take a look.

Music Licensing Platforms

A music licensing platform is a great place to start because they have access to the rights of music from different songwriters and artists. A music licensing platform like Track Club is unique because they offer different plans and access to a specially curated music catalog of customizable and unique tracks.

The GoPro Quik App

The GoPro Quik App is one of the platforms you can use to add and edit music on your videos. They have two different tabs where you can add GoPro Original Music or look to add your own. When you download your own music, it gives you more options, but you must ensure that you’re following copyright laws.

Collaborating with Local Musicians

Something we see more often on different social platforms is the collaborative efforts of musicians and creators. This is especially true for up-and-coming artists who are looking to get their music out there. Just be sure to follow copyright guidelines for any platform where you’ll be sharing your video.


Online Music Libraries

There are online music libraries that offer royalty-free and copyright-free music. However, this isn’t the best option for several reasons. Often, the music often lacks originality or is of low quality. It’s difficult to verify whether a song is truly copyright-free or that the platform really does own the copyright.

We have mentioned copyright a few times here and there. That’s because it is such an important thing to understand. Copyright law protects artists and creators as well as their work. When you create something as an artist, these laws prevent someone else from using your work without your permission.

As an artist, it is equally as important not to use music that you don’t have permission to use. You must obtain the proper license or permission, or you risk being sued for money when you publicly share that video or creation with their music. That’s why using a trusted source is imperative.

How to Choose the Right Music for Your GoPro Videos

Now that you know where to find music for GoPro videos, how do you choose the best songs? Here are a few tips in mind.

High-Energy Music for Action-Packed Footage

Think about the best GoPro videos that take you skydiving or rock climbing in some of the most amazing and adrenaline-thrilled parts of the world. Does slow piano music work for those scenes?

Maybe in some cases. But what really gets people going for extreme sports and like-minded videos is high-energy music that fits the theme!

Ambient Music for Nature and Wildlife Videos

Being out in nature has a calming or peaceful vibe to it. Choosing ambient or mood music to reflect helps settle the viewer into the scenery. Now wildlife scenes can change quickly so keep in mind that touring the rainforest may sound different than touring the Sahara Desert.

Music for Travel and Cultural Experiences

When exploring beautiful tribes in Africa, music to reflect that culture is important. The same can be said for the tropical scenes of Hawaii. Finding music that gives the viewer the feeling that transports them to the experience is key to success.

Music to Capture Celebrations and Events

Joy. Happiness, Excitement. These are all words that describe celebrations. So what do those words sound like? They are upbeat bops and rhythms that reflect a good time. The music should elicit a smile from the viewer.

How to Use Music In GoPro Videos

Now that we know what kind of music we want to use and where to find it, how do we actually use it in our masterpieces? Like this!

Create Custom Tracks with MixLab

You can use MixLab to create some jaw-dropping beats and masterpieces. MixLab allows a lot of customization by adjusting the volume up and down for each stem. It also allows you to put together an entire song using different instrumental audio.

Matching Audio Transitions to Video Transitions

When the video transitions from one scene to another having the audio to match that is important. Otherwise, the video may feel out of sync with its audio. Timing your transitions together provides a smoother experience.

Enhancing Your GoPro Footage with Sound Effects

Sound effects can dramatize or really hammer home a point filmed with your GoPro. If you are using it for a sports game, adding sound effects for scoring goals can make those moments feel that much more powerful.

Syncing Music to GoPro Footage

If the music seems to be off-beat with your video, the user will have a harder time following. Not only should the audio and visual themes match but the music should be “on beat” with the moment.

For example, if the music is slowly building up, that part shouldn’t be over the climax of the visual. It should build up together.

Audio Editing Software for GoPro Video Creators

Having your audio ready to go before adding it to your video is important. There are different audio editing software options on the market that offer sounds for remixing and customizing.

FAQs About Music for GoPro Videos

How Do You Put Background Music On a GoPro Video?

Putting background music onto a GoPro video can be done by downloading your music to the GoPro app. Once you download it, there is an ability to add sound by selecting the music icon. On a PC you may find an icon like this “+”. Here you can select the soundtrack or audio file. This will bring the audio to your video for editing.  

Can I Add Spotify Music to GoPro Videos?

While there is an option to be able to download music from Spotify to GoPro, it’s important to use music that is either your own or music that you have permission to use. If you download music that is from another artist without permission and use it publicly, you are subject to being sued by that artist.

If you are using the GoPro Music Quik App, then they cover the copyright issue for you. GoPro lists that you can use their music attribution free because it is made for their artists and creators.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right source for your GoPro music can alleviate a lot of hassle. Creators should direct their energy and attention toward experimenting with various tunes that complement their content.
Working with Track Club eliminates the need to compromise music quality for copyright law. Track Club offers affordable pricing plans that won't break the bank, and the flexibility to experiment with various beats is a dream come true for any artist.