Whether you're a podcaster, video maker, filmmaker, or other creative, you should understand the benefits of having custom music for your projects. Custom soundtracks are unique for the brand and are deeply attuned to your mission.

If you're not a musician, you may wonder how to create a custom soundtrack to fit your project. Video marketing or background music is a way to elevate your product or service and increase brand awareness.

But, how can you make custom music to help aid in your efforts? It's easier than you probably think. Here's a handy guide to show you how you can create a relevant custom soundtrack for your next project, and why it is so beneficial.

How to Create Custom-Made Music Soundtracks

When you create your own music, some things need to be in place before you begin. Some steps you should go over and consider include the following:

1. Establish Your Vision

Your project idea should be clear. Depending on your project, you may want an array of music that encompasses the entire soundtrack. For instance, if you're a podcaster, you'll need custom-made music for your intro and outro, as well as if you do any sponsored advertisements throughout.

If you're not sure how to develop your idea for the type of music you need, consider exploring other projects that are similar to yours. Look at other videos or listen to other podcasters within your realm. Ask yourself some questions, such as:

  • What sort of music style do they utilize?
  • Is there a specific genre of music necessary for the project?
  • Is the music reflective of the project at hand?
  • What emotions or feelings should the music evoke while listening?

When you examine projects that are already made or entrepreneurs and creatives who are successful, you can learn from them. What sort of music helps to draw you in and make you relate to their product or service?

2. Create the Plan for Your Project Including Your Music

Whatever the project, you should have a plan in place. This involves writing an outline or developing your vision board that hits all of the major topics and highlights on how your project plays out.

The plan you make may involve actions like working with a team, and the timeline for your project. One of the key things you must remember to include is the music. Where will you incorporate music into your project? You need to identify and acknowledge each place where custom music is needed.

Consider making a podcast; you need to have specific places where the intro and outro music go, as well as whether you will have a recurring soundtrack or musical theme throughout your episodes.

The music should help tie your arching topic altogether. If you're making a YouTube video or a feature film, there are scenes where the same music can be, so you'll have to have it mapped out.

Identify and write down specifics surrounding your custom music including the genre, key, tempo, whether you want lyrics or just music, and other essential elements.

3. Find Your Music and Create Your Custom Soundtrack

In Track Club, the MixLab tool makes it easy to customize and license songs for your projects. Use MixLab to adjust volume levels of individual instruments, change the song's BPM, and more. You can take your idea for the style of music and run with it; ensure that it aligns with your brand and message, and you'll be surprised how easy it is to customize and make the music your own.

Music Licensing for Custom Soundtracks

You must obtain the correct music license when utilizing another musician’s work in your YouTube videos, podcasts, and other projects. While there are some things to know about licensing custom music for your project, it can be a pretty straightforward process in most cases.

For instance, if you have a network of independent artists that you already know in the business, you can work directly with a composer to help develop the perfect custom track to license.

Enlisting music services to order customized music also takes some work off of your plate. Instead of going through the steps to make the music yourself, you can enlist the site and pay them to make the soundtrack you need, which will include music licensing in most cases.

Track Club by Marmoset also gives podcasters, videomakers, and other content creators the ability to license custom music at an affordable price. You pay a subscription fee and are given access to a meticulously curated, small-batch music catalog that’s 100% customizable. You can find the perfect songs, customize them, and license them all in one easy-to-use platform.

When you go this route, your subscription provides peace of mind, and you can jump right into creating. The custom audio tracks you create are exclusively yours, so you know it’s original to your brand.

Why Use Custom Music For Your Project?

Custom music is an essential element for any YouTube video, film, or podcast. Here’s why:

  • Creating the Atmosphere: As a podcast, video, or filmmaker, you need to think about drawing in your audience. Music is a crucial tool that provides listeners with a deeper connection to what they are seeing or listening to and gives you a way to ensure you reach your ideal people.
  • Engaging Your Audience: Consider having a podcast, film, or another project with no music. How engaged would listeners or viewers be? Chances are not very likely! Engagement is huge for creators to drive conversion, and custom-made music is a sure way to increase your chances of reaching that goal.
  • Increasing Brand Awareness: Your music has the power to drive more brand awareness. People can recognize your brand easily by your recurring theme music.

Final Thoughts

Creating a custom soundtrack doesn't have to be difficult. Track Club offers high-quality music that can be customized for any project. You'll establish your brand’s identity and provide your audience with a unique experience, allowing them to recognize you, be more engaged, and be much more likely to seek out your content in the future.