Creating a compelling explainer video is a great way to increase engagement with your audience and grow your channel. By providing valuable information to your viewers in an interesting and engaging way, you can not only attract new followers, but also make sure your existing subscribers keep returning to your channel. The keyword here is compelling, which is why you’ll not only need quality visuals, but also a quality soundtrack to accompany your video.

Creating a compelling explainer video takes time and effort, but with the combination of the right visuals, audio, and a clear message, you can create a video that will keep your audience hooked. Keep reading to learn about the must-haves of explainer videos and how you can put it all together to effectively connect with your viewers.

What is an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are a type of video content that are designed to educate and inform viewers about a particular topic or concept. They can take many forms, such as tutorials, how-to videos, or any informational video where a content creator is explaining something. The purpose of an explainer video is to break down complex ideas or processes into simple, easy-to-understand language and visuals, making it accessible for a wider audience.

From DIY projects and makeup tutorials to technology reviews and educational content. They are often presented in a clear, concise, and engaging manner, making them a valuable resource for viewers looking to learn something new or improve their skills.

Creating explainer videos on YouTube can be extremely beneficial for content creators. Not only does it allow you to share your knowledge and expertise with a wide audience, but it can also help establish you as a thought leader in your industry. Forbes reports that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. This means that by creating informative videos, you have the potential to have a much greater impact on your audience.

What makes a quality explainer video?

Now that we understand the importance of explainer videos, we’ll tell you what goes into a successful one. There are three key elements to the best explainer videos:

  • A concise and compelling script
  • Effective visuals
  • The right music

Clear delivery of your message through your script is crucial to keep your viewers engaged and focused on the content being presented. Having a clear script can help increase the overall production value of the video and establish credibility for content creators.

Of course, carefully crafting your video to make it visually appealing is essential. Whether you choose to speak in front of a camera, create animations, or use a compilation of different visuals, your video must be entertaining and relevant to the script.

Now that you have the script and the visuals down, you can’t forget about the music. The right background music can make all the difference in taking your video to the next level. Using the right music in your explainer videos help convey the mood of the video content and your brand, as well as enhance your video’s message.

Why is Music Important for Explainer Videos?

The use of the right background music helps your audience easily understand the message you are trying to convey as well as adding life to your video to create an emotional connection with the viewer.

For any type of video content, having a suitable soundtrack can define the reception of your video. Think about the films and shows you have watched and imagine them without music. It completely changes the viewing experience.

Additionally, adding music to your explainer video elevates your content to appeal to both visual and auditory learners. Around 65% of the population are visual learners, 30% are auditory learners, and 5% are kinesthetic learners, so by having effective visual and auditory content lets you tap into two groups at once.

Adding a captivating musical accompaniment connects with your audience on a deeper emotional level, crafting a memorable message.

What Type of Music Do You Need for Explainer Videos?

The background track you select shouldn’t stick out and overpower your explainer video, but rather seamlessly blend in and serve to amplify the message. The wrong music could negatively affect your brand and make viewers dismiss your message or even completely stop viewing your video before you even have the chance to say what you want.

A fitting tune is effective in bringing out emotions yet is subtle enough that it doesn’t take away from the main point of the video.

For explainer videos, popular go-to types of music include the following:

  • Lo-fi
  • Ambient
  • Contemporary Pop
  • Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals
  • Inspiring Soundtracks

While these types of songs typically fit a wide range of explainer videos, you should select music based on the context of your video and your channel image. You can also have separate tracks for your intro, outro, transitions, and different sections of your video with different moods, depending on your content and needs.

How do I Choose Music for Explainer Videos?

So how exactly should you go about choosing the right music for your explainer video?

If you want your video to get viewers excited about learning something new, an upbeat, cheerful soundtrack helps establish a light and happy mood. But if you’re discussing a serious matter, more somber and gentler music would be a good choice,

When choosing between different genres you should also consider how you want to express yourself as a content creator. If you want to come off as chic and sophisticated, a more dramatic, cinematic soundtrack can help set the perfect mood, but if your channel’s content is more quirky and humorous, a funky, colorful song can help your personality break through.

Track Club, a music licensing subscription service, helps you efficiently select the perfect music with a meticulously curated small-batch catalog of unique, high-quality music for brands and creators. Track Club uses Smart Filters which allow you to filter through our catalog by Mood, Genres, Energy, and more, making sure you find just what you need.

Best Practices for Adding Music to Explainer Videos

As you create your explainer video and search for the perfect soundtrack, here are a few best practices for finding and adding great background music to help you along the way.

Music Selection

To start off, instrumental tracks are ideal for explainer videos, especially if it has a voiceover. The music you select should complement the human voice so viewers can stay focused on the core message.

It’s a good idea to test out a few different audio tracks you like on your video to see which suits your content best. If you’re watching your video back and find that the music stands out too much, it’s a good sign that the song doesn’t match. Seeing how the music makes you feel and getting feedback from others is also a method you can employ to gauge the potential reaction your audience may have to the video and music pairing.

Copyright & Licensing

Let’s say you’ve found the perfect song for your explainer video and you’re ready to upload the finished product to your website. You’re almost all set, but you need to make sure to check that legally you’re allowed to use the music.

If you’re not legally cleared to use the songs in your video, you face the risk of copyright infringement. Legally using copyrighted music is not as simple as crediting the original artist or copyright owners. Check out our article on copyright to learn more and find out how you can license a song here to make sure you have the correct permissions.

Audio Editing

Depending on the video production software you use, techniques to add the audio files to your video can vary:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro: Start by importing the audio file you want to use into your project. Then drag it to the timeline to add it to the video.
  • Final Cut Pro: Create a new audio track by opening the “File” menu and choosing “Import Media. Import your audio file and place it in your video.

You can also experiment with different audio transitions and sound effects to achieve your desired final result. Another key part in adding music to your explainer video is adjusting the volume so that it doesn’t drown out the message. Learn more about editing audio here.

Where to Find Explainer Video Music

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